Re: Can't upgrade buster

Marty Hartwell

Hi Jason

Yes I ran into it also, the error message was something on the order of the date was wrong or

or something like that. I also got it to upgrade using the full command so I moved on. I am

seeing some other issues too but haven't had a chance to investigate further.

My plan is to try to use the Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM as my main PC although I may have to
run another SSD as a Home disk like my laptop currently has. I may run into other issues
too, so it is differently a work in progress.

I still have my Pi 2 that I plan to try to use as my Ham PC strictly as digital mode. I have it

running Buster also, I just need to finish installing all of the digital software I am going to

want, and I may want to get some additional hardware so I may investigate some of your

videos to refresh my memory on that issue.

I hope to talk to you soon too.

Marty kd8bj

On 1/10/20 10:55 AM, km4ack wrote:
Ran into something unique to me this morning. Downloaded fresh copy of Buster and flashed to card. Booted pi and ran the usual sudo apt-get update. Then ran sudo apt-get upgrade which failed. (See screenshot.) Ran sudo apt-get full-upgrade which seems to have overcome this issue. Anyone else run into this on a fresh install?

73, de KM4ACK

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