Re: Can't upgrade buster

Matthew Allinson

I encountered it about 3 days ago on my RPi4B. Wasn’t in a new image install situation, just in the process of adding some new packages and ran those commands prior to starting. 

73, Matt, KG8TRS 

On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 11:55 km4ack <jason.oleham@...> wrote:
Ran into something unique to me this morning. Downloaded fresh copy of Buster and flashed to card. Booted pi and ran the usual sudo apt-get update. Then ran sudo apt-get upgrade which failed. (See screenshot.) Ran sudo apt-get full-upgrade which seems to have overcome this issue. Anyone else run into this on a fresh install?

73, de KM4ACK


Matt Allinson, KG8TRS

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