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Daniel Holmes

I added an FTDI chip to the one I built—mini din 6 to The FTDI chip to the USB plug. Works with my FT-818. 


. Please pardon any mispelings or errors.

On Jan 7, 2020, at 9:05 AM, Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:

This is very curious. I would like to hear more about this USB to 6-pin DIN cable. Is there circuitry built into the cable for some type of data conversion or something? What kind of radio is this for? I am guessing this is only for CAT control and not for audio, so you still need something for the audio interface, right?

I do know there are USB to CI-V cables that basically have a USB to serial converter built into the cable. Perhaps this is the same type of cable but with a 6-pin DIN instead of a 3.5mm plug?

Michael WA7SKG

Terry L. Morris wrote on 1/6/20 9:27 PM:
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USB A to USB B cable is NOT the only interface between radio and computer. My interface cable between Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4 is a USB A and 6-pin din connector.

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