Not a real newbie but a question

Marty Hartwell


As subject says a question or two.

I have a new Pi 4 B+ 4 GB and the question is this:

I have unetbootin for linux and have used it to put the image onto

a 32GB SD card first with the W3DJS image for Ham radio, which

I couldn't get working. I also have the Raspbian Buster image


So my question is this finally: After the program unetbootin or

dd finishes its job show I have instead the one partition FAT32,

two partitions, named boot and root, or does that get created

after the first power up on the pi and the splash screen comes

up on the monitor?

It seems I remember it takes a while to boot up the first time.

I have done this a couple of times and nothing seems to happen.

Marty kd8bj

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