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The Rainbow Aero Modelers Society (RAMS) was founded in 1980 at the then newly opened Milwaukee County R/C Model Airplane Field, on Oakwood Road in Franklin, Wisconsin. The Society operates the field on behalf of the County, selling licenses to fly there, and adopting rules of safety, conduct, and courtesy. It uses the license fees to maintain the field.

The RAMS focus on fixed wing aircraft, offering free instruction, whether powered by glow or gas fuel engines, electric motors, or turbines that run on jet fuel. A sister club at the same field, SWARM - SE Wisconsin Area Rotory Modelers, fly R/C helicopters, and also offer free instruction.

Both clubs offer regular monthly meetings, and publish a monthly newsletter. Each belongs to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), a national model aircraft organization in Muncie, Indiana. AMA Pilot membership provides liability insurance and a comprehensive monthly magazine. The RAMS are AMA club #1264, and also belong to the Milwaukee R/C Association.

Official RAMS website;

Flying field location;
7000 W. Oakwood Rd.
Franklin WI

Meetings; First Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM.
Water Stone Bank
6560 South 27th Street
Oak Creek, WI 53154

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