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Group for the Ramblers Association, aimed at web masters of Area and Group web sites, especially those hosted by https://Ramblers-Webs.org.uk

This group is used to send notices to web masters about their web site hosting, Joomla and associated items. Only moderators can post to the group.

Please note that only Ramblers members may join this group. When you apply to join you should receive an email asking for your membership details. Once we have received your reply we will be able to approve your membership of this group.

If you are interested in us hosting your Area or Group web site then please contact us via https://Ramblers-Webs.org.uk

Group Information

  • https://ramblers-webs.org.uk
  • 311 Members
  • 19 Topics, Last Post:
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Group Settings

  • Only moderators can post to the group.
  • Posts to this group do not require approval from the moderators.
  • Messages are set to reply to moderators.
  • Subscriptions to this group require approval from the moderators.
  • Archives are visible to subscribers only.
  • Wiki is visible to anyone.
  • Posts must be tagged with at least one hashtag.
  • Members can edit their posts.
  • Members can set their subscriptions to no email.

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