Class Rr-P Refrigerator Car

Bob Chaparro


Courtesy of Al Clemens, the photo below is from a Raton, New Mexico, wreck on the Santa Fe around 1910. Notice the additional structures on the refrigerator car's roof.


Steve Harvath said, "There were AT&SF refrigerator cars that had what were called Garland ventilators on the roof. The ventilators are off center on either side of the roof. These are Bohn Patent cars."


Steve is referring to Pages 55, 66 and 67 of the Santa Fe reefer book. According to the book the car is a Santa Fe Class Rr-P refrigerator car. These were in the series 6701-7200, built in 1909 by American Car & Foundry. They had truss rods and Bohn ice tanks. They were the last class of Santa Fe reefers to measure forty feet over the end sills. There is some uncertainty as to whether all 500 cars had the Garland ventilators. The last car saw revenue service in 1936.


Al Clemens also provided the Garland  patient and his additional diagram (adapted to a refrigerator car) of how it worked, below.


Bob Chaparro



A Clemens

I was able to locate an advertisement for the Garland Car Ventilator in the Santa Fe Magazine for JUN1908-NOV1908, on page 454.