Drink An Orange Ad Campaign

Bob Chaparro


Sunkist was first known as the Southern California Fruit Exchange, or the Exchange.  Their first advertising campaigns were designed to transform the orange from a specialty food item to an everyday part of the nation’s diet. With help from the Southern Pacific Railroad, the Exchange created a campaign that boosted oranges and sunny California all at the same time. Their slogan was: “Oranges for Health - California for Wealth.”


Then came the orange juice campaign.


Up to the mid-teens of the last century practically all oranges were for eating—until the Exchange’s marketing masterstroke of 1916. A bumper crop of oranges was predicted for that year, requiring that the retail market somehow be expanded quickly. The Exchange took a full-page advertisement in the February 19, 1916, Saturday Evening Post showing a tide of orange liquid and urging readers to “Drink an Orange”.


As part of this effort the Exchange convinced the Thatcher Glass Company to produce the now classic opaque glass orange reamer for extracting juice.  The first shipments sold out speedily, and reamers continued to be popular until electric juicers took their place.

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