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RailScan.net is a place where rail enthusiasts, professional railroaders and communications hobbyists discuss all aspects of railroad communications, past, present and future. These include commercial radios used by railroads, scanners used by railfans, FRS, GMRS, MURS, Amateur / ham radios and GPS when used as railfanning tools. Members also discuss how they use their favorite radios, ask installation questions or seek help selecting the best radio accessories such as coax, antennas, computer control interfaces and programming software. Do you have a question as to what some of the terminology or "jargon" spoken on the rail channels might mean? Many of our enthusiastic list members are professional railroaders from all over North America and are happy to help. We also welcome railroad radio communications news from your hometown such as changes to frequencies, dispatchers jurisdiction, defect detectors, PTC, ATCS, and use of NXDN digital modes. We welcome links to other railroad communications related news from the the mainstream media and other radio and railroad discussion groups. RailScan members also have access to our members-only "RailScan USA Frequency database" where you can add your favorite local frequencies and view other members entries by state, railroad, frequency or usage. If you are an Amateur Radio operator you can also enter your info in the "RailHam Directory".

Please visit our sister group RailfanLegal at http://railfanlegal.org to discuss legal and public relations issues of interest to railfans and railroads.

The North Jersey RailScan CSX Conrail NYSW & NS scanner is online! 'See' what you are hearing with the free ProScan Client/App for Windows from http://www.proscan.org or just listen on your favorite web media player/tablet/phone device by visiting http://northjersey.railscan.net/railscan
CSX fans are invited to visit our national CSX fan group at http://csxtsightings.net

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