Numbers, the Bible, Revelation, the Beast - and the WWW

Manjit D <manjitd101@...>

In the book of Revelation, the number of the Beast is given as 666.

In Judaic Kabbalah, the number corresponding to the letter W is 6. (the closest connection to W is 6, but there is no actual 6, I believe it is U or something)

Hence, the number of the Beast could be seen as WWW.

Also, it says in Revelations, the end of times will come when everybody, man, woman & child is marked with this sign, on their hand & on their head. The Mouse and the reflection of the monitor.

It also says, the Beast will be heralded by clouds - Windows boot sequence.

It also says, nobody will be able to purchase anything unless they have the sign of the Beast - internet shopping.

Nobody I am aware of, online or in print, has made this connection.

Somebody should scurry off, polish this theory - and make another non-sensical apocalypse prediction cult, I think it's better than many already out there - you have my permission, if you can live with yourself spreading such BS :)

Check it out; read Reveleations, Kabbalistic number-letter connections, and ponder the above.

Don't have nightmares all :)

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