Compact Sprint Car / Midget #10x

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wrote: Barry, Checked my USAC certificate and the race date was March
13 1966,this is the day Don Horvath did himself in. Harry

Wow, this is strange,I just happened to have a 1966 USAC Year Book at
work with me today (recent purchase).
1966 Compact Sprint Summary lists:
3/13 Vallejo,CA 1/4D 50 Laps FQ: Larry Ferrua; Winner: Bill Vukovich;
Owner: Harry Stryker. No where listed in the yearly summary is the
Horvath incident. I see you also won at Fresno (10/1) with Vuky.
Car owner stats: 21st, Stryker Spl. #10X 78.35 PTS. McGreevey won the
Championship that year (53 Races, 5 wins, wow, busy year).

USAC sure likes to fool around with naming divisons. Midget > compact
sprint...Champ Dirt > (Gold Crown) Silver Crown > Silver Bullet. no
wonder no one (average "Joe")knows the difference between a sprint
car, dirtcar and a roadster.


Steve Z.