Re: car numbers

Gil Bouffard <gbouffard@...>

The only American numbers that I can talk to are the Jim Kimberly Number 5,
the Cunningham 60 series and John Edgar's 98. Dan Gurney was 48, but his
number was much later than the aforementioned bunch. As I remember it,
permanent numbers in SCCA were either purchased or requested by the

The old European method for Formula One was a race track/promoter's option
and depended on when the entry was received at the organizers mail box.

The organizer also determined the numbering sequence. Some tracks used odd
numbers while others used even numbers. Some started the sequence at 1 or 2.
Others like the Nurburgring sometimes started with 101. The number commisars
also determined whether there was a roundel "under," the number and whether
the number was angled or straight on.

Some circuits like Spa-Francorchamps placed "ficticious," numbers on the
cars for practice and qualifying and on race day placed the race numbers on
the cars. This was designed to eliminate counterfeit programs being sold and
taking profit from the track.

Long distance races like the Mille Miglia numbers were the time that the car
left the start. Le Mans was by engine displacement, larger the displacement
the lower the number.

As I've said before, modern F-1 uses the system that places the newly
crowned World Champion's numbers on the previous World Champion's car. Exept
that I think that Michael Schumacher thinks that the number one is his for
life! It could prove a "problem," when Alonzo wins this year.

Gil Bouffard

on 4/28/05 07:21, Bob Storck at bstorck@... wrote:

Gordon White wrote:

I don't know how NASCAR does numbers. Obviously Richard Petty
always" had" # 43 and Dale Earnhardt # 3.

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