Re: CSRA and more - Now in files

Bob Storck

OK gang, there is now a folder in the files where we can list references for racing association, track and series results. You will find some references for IMCA, CRA, NCRA, CSRA, WoO and Midgets.

Note there is nothing on USAC, AAA, Indy, or other things. Should have Race of Two Worlds, etc, plus can add track roadsters, modifieds, jalopies, etc.

You should be able to add your own file, or send it to me and I'll do it.

Add referrals to web sites, or if you have a text listing, we can create subfiles and folders.

C'mon guys, let's not let this one die.

Cheers, Bob

Note that there is a folder for humorous racing stories - C'mon Mel, Don, Gordon, Len and so many others. Share 'em before you forget them. How about some Rodger Ward anecdotes?

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