Re: RH At Bloomington Speedway

Steve Hammatt

Sounds like a great idea!
Just go to the RH website, click on Database and you can
read the responsibilities for the Banner Keeper. Then click
on the Banner Database and please edit the listing
I've started for RH Night at Bloomington Speedway. You'll need
to add your address and phone number.

Steve Z. can hopefully send you the banner direct and maybe some
left-over handouts for you to use.

Good luck!
Steve Hammatt
List Meister

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I have arranged for a Racing History Group night at Bloomington Speedway
August 13. I have a deal on general admission for group members and we
use the pavilion to meet. If anyone wants, maybe even cook up some
or something. I've talked with several members about this and had a
favorable response. I'll need to get a list of names for admission. The
track is historically significant in that it was built and ran big cars in
1923. In the late 50's it was converted from a half mile to a quarter.
has been the home track for many greats from Dizz Wilson to Steve
Kinser. And, as many already know, it is one of the most beautiful and
best maintained facilities in the country. Directions, schedule and more

Steve, what's the chance of getting the banner sent so that we can be
officially official?

Stanford, IN

At 08:33 AM 7/7/04 -0500, you wrote:
If there is any interest in the group, I can host an RH Night at
Bloomington Speedway - just a little over one hour south of
Indianapolis -
later this summer.

Stanford, IN

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