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Doesn't matter how you tell the story as long as it is a good story...sorry
my cynical Journo side coming out.


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"Michael T. Lynch" wrote:

Remember, stealing from one source is plagerism, stealing from several
is research. Shortcuts are what's wrong with
history today.
My strongest irritant is how much bad information has become accepted as
historical fact, merely because it is repeated and regurgitated by those
who don't do good research and fact checking. It's great that so much
lore is being broadcast on cable TV, but I've yet to see anything that
is evenhandedly presented, and usually with some form of advocacy or
revisionary bias . . . especially where the military is involved.
Recently I saw a show purported to offer a history of the F-4 Phantom,
and found that it was mainly associated with the USAF development of
air-to-air tactics in VN. Despite mentioning that the AF didn't have
suitable fighters when VN began, they never mentioned that the aircraft
was first developed by the Navy, and coopted by the AF ten years down
the road.

Cheers, Bob

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