The RacingHistory group is a web-based, email discussion group located within the domain.  The group's purpose is listed on the RacingHistory Home Page that can be easily found at or  and repeated here: 
"RacingHistory is the communication tool for anyone interested in the history, documentation, restoration, preservation and exhibition of U.S. dirt, board or paved, oval track, open-wheel racing. Emphasis is on the tracks, cars, engines and drivers of the Midget, Big-Car, Champ and Indy cars from 1900 through the 1960s."   

As the RacingHistory group continues to grow we need to continue to work together so that everyone can enjoy the camaraderie. It's nothing more than 'good list manners' that I'll try to quickly summarize:

SIGNATURES:  List etiquette calls for your full name and city/state at the end of each message. We call this the "Len Sutton Rule" in honor of a great supporter of RH who has left us to carry on.  We are too large of a group to remember all the nick-names, etc. that are sometimes used.  Every member should set up an automatic signature file which is offered within the “Subscription” option in the left column on the web page.  Each posting that a subscriber makes shall contain their first and last names and city/state.  Missing the signature details within a posting shall bring down the subtle wrath of the list moderator(s).

OFF TOPIC:  This list's topic is detailed in the paragraphs above.  Off-topic posters are subject to moderation of posts or removal from the list.  Absolutely NO POLITICAL TOPICS or PERSONAL ATTACKS ALLOWED.

REPLY SUBJECT LINE: Keep the subject line relevant to the current subject.  Often discussions (threads) change topic. Please add to or update the subject line to reflect the current topic.

PHOTOGRAPHS:  Photographs and other files can now be sent as attachments to the group.  Be sure to include full description in the posting.  Photos will be automatically resized for presentation and storage.


There are a number of additional features within the Racing History home page at including:

Account Information.  You can update your Account Information for Groups.IO with a simple click of your mouse from the Home Page.

Delivery Options.  Going on vacation? Want to switch from Individual messages to "Special Notices Only" web-page viewing only? Or do you want to switch from Daily Summary to Individual Messages?  Do it here, at the home page.

Message Archives.  ALL of the ECG messages are kept in a current archive and this entire list is easily searched using the software located within the web page.  Before asking that question, go to the archives and search!

Files.  This is the area for interesting files such as sound (.wav) files, .pdf data files and even text files.  We have a limited amount of space so be sure to follow the guidelines.  All files are kept in alphabetical order, depending upon the file's name, upper case coming first, followed by lower case.  Keep your files small.

Databases. This web feature is the place to create individual databases designed for continual updating. Take a look and contribute to the databases or suggest additional databases that we can create.

Help for can be found at the top right corner of the home page.

If you have any questions or would like personal assistance, please feel free to contact me at   This is a SUPER group. I'm proud to be associated with you all!

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