sticky Welcome to the RaDAR Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio Group

Greg Lane

RaDAR originated in South Africa headed up by Eddie ZS6BNE.There is a growing worldwide participation in the RaDAR concept. What makes RaDAR totally different to other amateur radio activities is the requirement to move quickly from one point to another and to communicate from each deployment position. It is a prerequisite within the RaDAR Challenge to move after every 5 QSO’s before further contacts are allowed. The RaDAR Challenge occurs three times each year on the first Saturday of April and November and the second Saturday of July. RaDAR is multi disciplined and promotes the use of all methods of communications available to radio amateurs from voice modes through to the digital modes including the use of satellite communications. RaDAR has much in common with other portable operating communities like HFPack and the World Wide Fauna and Flora WWFF, Also visit the RaDAR Community on Google+ See 

Please share your RaDAR operations here. Questions about portable operating are welcome.