N4KGL RaDAR Challenge Outing this Saturday: Chasers and RaDAR to RaDAR Contacts are Welcome

Greg Lane

As of now, I plan to start on Saturday, April 3rd at 1600 UTC, 1100 CDT and go for four hours. I'll be in the Dothan, AL area, grid square EM71GF. It looks like I'll have nice weather. Since I will be making five contacts and start a move, then repeat,  I will be on and off the air.  Note I will be running 10 watts to keep the gear light. I'll start at Solomon Park in Dothan and I may double back there after my transitions. I have several movement options; on foot, bike, or even an electric tricycle. 

Chris VA3ECO is starting RaDAR at the same time from grid square EN29. He will be on 20 meters SSB so I can start there at 1600 UTC. I'll do some CQs and if that does not work I'll hunt and pounce. Later, I may give the 17-meter activity group a try.  Budd W3FF and the group are on almost every day at 1745 UTC on 18157.5 kHz. Keep a lookout for Svend VE3SWN also doing RaDAR from Ontario.

For those in Panama City I think 40 meters, NVIS is the best bet. In Dothan, you should hear me on the HF bands. I will also be on 146.52 simplex. Note your grid square is part of the RaDAR exchange. Please give me four or more digits. When I CQ I'll spot on http://www.qrpspots.com/ For my CQs on CW, you should see me on Reverse Beacon Network http://www.reversebeacon.net/srch.php. Also, Ham Alert is an excellent tool to keep track of me. https://hamalert.org/about You can get notified on an Android App.

RaDAR is challenging for the ops and chasers! If you have plans to chase or operate let me know.

Good Luck,