G0SBW's RaDAR Challenge

Thomas Robinson

I was operational at my first location ( JO01MT85TS) at 13:25 UTC. I quickly got my first 5 QSOs, on 20m, by 13:56. These were 4 Europeans and N4GNR, Dan, in N.E.Georgia. So it was clear 20m was open to N. America.

I motored to my second location at JO01MS64KV . Here I concentrated on calling CQ Radar rather than just making QSOs. I did not manage any Radar contacts. Whilst at this station 20m filled up with contesters working the Polish SSB contest. So I moved to 17m which had very variable conditions.

I had some interesting QSOs there but again concentrated calling for RaDAR. There were periods when the band was open and when the band seemed closed. On 17m I tried to work 9Q65BB (Democratic Republic of Congo) who was working split. He was quite a strong signal, but by the time I managed to get the FT857 in split mode the band had closed and I lost him. I did work Rob, VE1CHW in Halifax and also W1XX who seemed desperate to work the Florida state parks special event. I managed to break into his constant calling of "CQ Florida State Parks" and informed him of Greg's whereabouts on 20m and 17m. He thanked me but I think he was a bit puzzled that a "G" station was pointing him in the right direction for Florida  An interesting QSO was with G0HUZ/MM who was operating with a KX3 and a vehicle type G-Whip from a small passenger cruise ship near the Canery Islands off West Africa.

I decided to call it quits after 3 hours operating with no RaDAR contacts. It was still an entertaining afternoon. The FT857 with 70W feeding the "hamstick" type antennas worked well. A couple of photos showing the camper van at the two locations are attached.