G0SBW - November RaDAR Challenge

Thomas Robinson

Tomorrow I’m planning to participate in the RaDAR Challenge.  I will be operating pedestrian mobile from the beach at Frinton-on-Sea from about 8:00UTC to 12:00 UTC.  Equipment will be a KX3 10W to a 15ft. whip fastened to the backpack plus dragged counterpoises.Hope to have a QSO with Paul, M6OPV who will be operating some 350/400km away.  Normally it should be an easy 40m contact.  However, I will be using an inefficient antenna (for 40m anyway) with a low take off angle (due to salt water effect) so I’m not so sure a 40m QSO will be possible.


To test things I went out /PM with the equipment for an hour or so this afternoon.  On 40m did not hear any UK stations - but quite a few Europeans.  Made a couple of quick contacts with German stations - so the rig/antenna system is working OK but the skip it enjoys is seems a bit too far for inter England contacts.


Switching to 20m I did hear an MI station working DX.  He would be some 500/550 km from me.  Seems a 20m QSO might just be possible with Paul.  Both 20m and 40m will be tried tomorrow.


I did manage a contact with Steve, KiGMM  in Vermont. but only received a 2by2 from him.  I think all my contacts tomorrow will be around Europe.  We can but try 😉


Very good to hear you will be out and about for the Challenge Saturday Tom =)

73's Pat  N5VMO


Well done Tom, shame we never got to time :-)