Antenna Choice - If I Follow Saturday's RaDAR Challenge at Home QTH Rather Than Taking Part On Foot

Thomas Robinson

After reading John's (VA3KOT) post on the RaDAR  IO group of 26th March I decided to deploy my old 20m, vertically polarised, delta loop thinking it would be an improvement on the permanent horizontal loop antenna (this loop is cut for 80m but tunes up on all bands).  RBN results seem to suggest the large horizontal loop is a better performer - I am a bit miffed about that.

Attached are two images.  One shows the RBN results, the other shows the delta loop and part of the horizontal loop.  You will note the willow has been severely lopped, but is generating a lot of new shoots now that spring is upon us.  The eagle eyed will note the crow at the top of the antenna support - I don't think he influenced the results.

The  14:47/48 results were from the vertical polarised 20m delta loop, the 14:53/54/57 results were from the horizontally polarised loop.  Interestingly when I first tested the 20m delta I heard, on SSB, an Indonesian station at 5by7.  This would have been at least twice as far away as the Canadian station - so maybe this antenna is for ultra DX :-)