RaDAR and SOTA by Sid ZS5AYC and Adele ZS5APT

Eddie Leighton

I have just received Sid ZS5AYC and Adele ZS5APT's RaDAR report and so heart warming to read the stories of their journey. Simply AWESOME!!!

"RaDAR Challenge – 2 November 2019

Due to family commitments we were not able to participate in the first two RaDAR challenges this year, but were determined to participate in the November challenge.

Sid and I decided to combine RaDAR with 2 SOTA activations as I am determined to get Sid to 700 SOTA points before the end of the year, 300 short of becoming a SOTAGoat.

We knew that the World Cup Rugby final would be played from 11:00 and that having chasers might be a problem, but decided to give it a go, we set off from home at 07:15 for the first RaDAR/SOTA station ZS/KN-345 grid locator KF49XJ48GW04 and within 9 minutes had activated the summit and Sid had his 5 contacts required for RaDAR, we were required to move to the next station but because we were activating the summit we stayed to give SOTA chasers the opportunity to get points as chasers.

Sid walked the required kilometre to the next location KF49XJ49U12, with Sid’s sister Beverly and myself following in the Toyota, once Sid was close to the kilometre spot we passed him to look for a spot to park off road a gentleman in a bakkie stopped to ask if Sid was alright and if he required a lift, makes one realize that we lived in a blessed country where people of all colours are inclined to be good, after the required QSOs

We broke up station and moved to the third location KF49WK83XF05 which was 6 kilometres away as this time we had decided to be mobile, once he had his 5 QSOs we packed up and took a coffee break.

I must say that after the rain we had on the South Coast it was extremely hot and dry in the Harding – Kokstad area and it was good to be in an air conditioned vehicle, by this time the rugby had started and it was exciting to listen to the rugby commentators on RSG, as we started driving up to ZS/KN-204 Klipspruit KF49UL35HI53 our final RaDAR station and second summit, Sid decided to walk the last kilometre to the activation zone. Once we had activated the summit and had the QSOs for the RaDAR, Beverly and I went to listen to the final 3 minutes of the Rugby while Sid chatted to ZS5CN in Underberg, we ended the day off with coffee and bread rolls.

We are passionate about SOTA and RaDAR and really enjoy the challenge, hiking/walking is the best but with Sid’s ankle I doubt that we will ever do long or difficult hikes again, but then Sid always surprises me.

We are grateful to everyone who chases us, wherever we find ourselves, whether it’s in a park, activating a Summit or participating in the RaDAR challenge

Cheers until the next RaDAR/SOTA challenge"