10 Character Maidenhead Locator Tools

Mark Wickens

I've started doing a screen capture of the HamGPS Android application when I setup /P to record my location. I discovered this application when I did my first RADAR challenge.

I was looking for a website that would be able to process 10-character Maidenhead locators and display the location. Most sites only cater for the less accurate 6-character locators.

Anyway, after a short search I found that the aprs.fi site allows 10-character locators and, equally useful, they can be encoded into the URL to provide a link.

For example, I was operating static mobile today from IO84OI38FN which can be encoded into a URL like this: https://aprs.fi/#!addr=IO84OI38FN to produce the following map which clicked on:

Hopefully these tools will provide useful to others!

Regards, Mark M0NOM


Thank you Mark, that's a great idea.