Re: Warm-up for the April 4th RaDAR Challenge


I'm looking forward to it.  I've been working on getting my pack weight down.  Since I'm on foot every ounce matters.  If I remember correctly my pack was about 25 lbs last year and it was not a good hiking pack.  I did carry thing like shelter, food, fire kit, etc following the intent of the challenge.  I've reduced that weight to about half that.  This past weekend we had a break in the weather, so I got to finish up my 10-40 qrp endfed antenna, 2.9 ounces.  I actually made it so I can quickly add another length to get 80 if I need it.  I dropped my throwline and weight and I'm going with the SOTA beams travel mast.  It's adds a little weight, but it's faster, gives you more options and less hassle than trying to find a good place to throw a line.  I went to a smaller LiFePO4 battery, among other things.  I'm still tempted to throw in luxury items like one of those light folding chairs, about 3 lbs.  The area I go has so many ticks that sitting on the ground just isn't a good idea, even though I treat all my clothing.

I always try to drag some others along with me, but they all seem to have something come up as the event draws closer.  LOL

The ARRL Spring SET (Simulated Emergency Test) is the morning of April 4th.  Since I'm the ARES EC for my county I won't be able to get out until late in the day.

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