An inspirational RaDAR Challenge by Kobus ZS6BOS

Eddie Leighton

I'm usually quite despondent at the end of every RaDAR challenge but it's results like Kobus ZS6BOS's that give me renewed hope for RaDAR as it is presently defined. I was almost contemplating making it easier ..........

"Hi Eddie,

Hope you had a nice RaDAR Challenge, sorry I couldn't work you.

I left QTH at 04h02 utc and walked 1.4km to my first position (KG33TR05WV) and set up my 2m antenna and made my 5 contacts. Took a bit of time that early in the morning to make 5 contacts. :-)

Packed up and walked 1.2km to KG33TR25AE and setup my Nvis antenna and Hf radio. Made 3 quick contacts on 80m and 1 more on 2m and the last one on 80m again.

Got going to my next position (KG33TR17NP) a 1.3km walk and this time working on 40m. This time there where a bit more activity and people knew that I was doing the RaDAR CHALLENGE and made 5 contacts very quickly.

On to my next position (KG33TR15LS) 1.1km away and thought it to be my last. As it turned out it wasn't. I made my first contact with another RaDAR CHALLENGE station, Sid ZS5AYC and he was also on a Sota peak. Two birds with one stone. Made the rest of the contacts in 5 mins and suddenly had about 35 mins left.

Decided to do one more position (KG33TR23DP) 1km walk. Half ran it but was very tired by then. After setting up had about 7 min left and only managed 3 contacts. Last one at 07h58 utc.

Walked a total of 9.9 kms for the day. From my Qth and back.

Included one photo per position. No cameraman this time and no company. Walking is not for everyone"

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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