Re: N4KGL's RaDAR Challenge Plans Saturday, Nov 2nd

Greg Lane

TNX. You too!

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019, 11:52 AM Eddie Leighton <edleighton@...> wrote:
Good luck Greg, have fun!!!

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 6:48 PM Greg Lane <LaneKG@...> wrote:

Dennis WA6QKN and I will combine Rapid Deployment Radio (RaDAR), Parks On The Air (POTA), and Amateur Satellites along with a fun bike ride on a rail trail. All of this in Wakulla County, Florida. You are welcome to try RaDAR in the field or chase us on the radioPlease check for our spots. Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio combines the outdoors, amateur radio, and movement. Our on the air call sign will be N4KGL.

At 1300 UTC, I will operate the SO-50 sat pass and then on to 40 meters HF from the San Marcos De Apalache State Park in St Marks, Florida. The park is POTA K-3652 and the grid square is EM70vd. Note, we need at least one SO-50 contact for the RaDAR sat bonus. We need at least five contacts to leave for the next stop. We will probably try for at least ten contacts to get the POTA activation.

Next, we will transition 7.5 miles on bikes over the St Marks to Tallahassee Rail Trail to the Wakulla Station Trailhead. This is six times the required distance for RaDAR but it will be a fun ride.

Around 1530 UTC, we will operate HF CW or SSB on 40, 20 or 17 meters from the Wakulla Station. The rail trail is POTA K-3661 and the station is at grid square EM70vf.

Then we will ride our bikes back to St Marks.

Note 1300 UTC is 9 AM EDT and 8 AM CDT.

RaDAR rules

POTA Spots

San Marcos State Park

Tallahassee St Marks Rail Trail







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