Re: RaDAR on 2Metres

Thomas Robinson

Thanks for the comment Pat.  Yes, M0UKD's clothes pin element fastening idea works well.  Its surprising how tight they grip the elements.  If 6mm tubing is used they would be gripped even more securely.  I am quite lucky to live in a coastal area.  Even though most of the area is at (and sometimes below) sea level, there are some highish cliffs that give a good take off over the North Sea to Holland, Belgium Germany and even Scandinavia on a  day with good VHF conditions.  Local contest groups tend to gather at one point in particular,  Walton- on-the-Naze at weekends.  Being retired from work I can give it a go on week days ;-)  At my home QTH i can hear Dutch and Belgian repeaters with a very small collinear when a lift is on.

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