Re: RaDAR on 2Metres


Very nice set up you built Tom =)   I really like the "cloths Pin" element attachment =)   Really makes it portable =)

Listening to the the SAT pass on AO-92 ( GREAT FOOTPRINT ) Saturday on the HT with Greg's group got me to thinking =)   I added the SAT frequencies to my mobile 2 m rig in the truck so if in travel maybe I can operated =)     I just missed the schedule by 15 minutes because traffic heading to the State Park mountain =(    I could hear the SAT for over fifteen minutes on that pass while being fifteen minutes late ( almost a total time of 45 min. for that pass alone once in place =)   I was even on the wrong side of the mountain driving up to the park and had perfect copy of the SAT 8-)   I could not use the HT while driving up a winding narrow road up the hill; but could listen =)   The mobile has Bluetooth headset and now has SAT frequencies in its memories 8-)

73's Pat  N5VMO

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