RaDAR on 2Metres

Thomas Robinson

Hi I recently watched a Utube video by "Radio Prepper" regarding use of 2M SSB.

This got me thinking about 2M SSB/CW for RaDAR use.  The key point of the video was the ease of deployment of the antenna he was using which is a design of M0UKD

The novel construction of this antenna makes it ideal for /P RaDAR use.  Assembly time for the antenna is claimed to be about 30 seconds.  I considered such an antenna mated with my RaDAR trolley would make an good combination.  I have therefore made one using bits and pieces I had available.  I had some 4mm solid Aluminium rod suitable as replacement for the 6mm tubing made in the design.  The resulting antenna has an SWR of 1.4:1 over 144.000 to 146.000.  I suppose I could start trimming elements to try improve the SWR but I think I will leave the antenna as is.  the antenna I have built seems quite robust enough for occasional /P outings.  Certainly it is very fast to assemble and deploy on the trolley.  Have made the mast adaptor suitable for fastening to the 10M Clark, extendable mast at the home QTH, should improve access to a couple of local CW practice nets. It can also be deployed from a 7M Aluminium mast fastened to the tow hitch of the camper van.

So, this should prove to be quite a useful addition to the antenna stable.  Just got to vanish it now.

Some photos below:-

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