Re: 40m Delta Loop

Thomas Robinson

I am very fond of delta loops. My home QTH antenna is a horizontal loop for 80m. This is fed by an auto tuner quite some distance away from the shack. The antenna is fed from the atu by open wire feeder and tunes up on all bands 80 thro 10. However I have delta loops available for 20m and 17m. These are deployed in upside down pyramid and are fed by a quarter wave of 75 ohm coax. Normal 50 ohm coax from the rig to the quarter wave.  The deltas can be horizontally or vertically polarised depending on how the are deployed. I normally use them vertically polarised as dx antennas.  They perform well in this mode. Without any salt water amplifier effect I have worked Antarctica on 17m. I have not tried them portable as yet.  But I will give them a go on the salt marsh this summer.  They should work well. Bit more work to deploy compared to an end fed half wave though.

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