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John that looks like a great antenna to use =)   I have seen in the past Greg using one and I may give it a try as well =)    Hmmm .... a 30 foot push-up pole now with tent rain-fly spreaders =)

On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 2:58 PM John Corby <va3kot@...> wrote:
Finally got some mild weather in southern Ontario today so I put up an antenna I've been waiting to try out. It is a vertically polarized Delta loop for 40m. It uses 137ft of wire supported on a 30ft pole at the peak with the low, horizontal section just 4ft above ground. EZNEC modeling showed promising expectations so I was excited to test it outside as a possible RaDAR antenna.

I fired off some CW CQs at 5 watts using my Hendricks PFR3 radio and received an immediate spot on RBN from a station in Wisconsin 400 miles away. My signal was reported at a very strong 21dB so this antenna may be doing its job! Unfortunately I didn't get any QSOs but that has become all too common the way the bands have been lately.

Now I'm looking forward to a new RaDAR operating season with some new antenna designs. Hope to catch you all on the bands this summer.

John, VA3KOT

73's Pat  N5VMO

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