New Member to the RaDAR Group

Tom, KK7BQ

Have made many HF contacts while operating mobile or portable, and enjoy that portion of the hobby while adding to my emergency preparedness skills. The handle is Tom and my call is KK7BQ (Here's my blog). When I first started out, texting while driving wasn't heard of. I did CW and drive until one day a quick left turn while my key was not strapped down sent it flying across the truck cab and bent the paddles, it has not been the same since. I am in the process of fixing up an old laptop with Ubuntu Linux based on recommendations from the Ubuntu Hams group so that I may add digital signal capabilities. My original radio training was in ComSec in the U.S. Marines so many years ago that the then existing hardware is considered obsolete by today's standards. Happy memories. Today I am a Cyber Security technical analyst. Besides CW and SSB in the HF arena, and a burgeoning digital interest, I do enjoy accessing our many VHF and UHF repeaters in the Phoenix Arizona area and when traveling. I have been known to help with local communications involved with community events.

Greetings to everyone here and look forward to taking part in RaDaR!

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