Re: Introduction

Thomas Robinson

Hi Norman.  Good to see you are going to give pedestrian mobile a go.  You will be amazed at the contacts you will make from the sea wall.  With reasonable HF conditions you should be able to work good DX from your 703+ with a vertical fastened to your back pack plus a dragged counterpoise.  Back in 2003 I tested the 703+ as a pedestrian mobile rig, walking along the sea wall on the east side of the Colne Estuary , about 40 miles away from Canvey.  I was surprised to have  VK5HK come back to my CQ.  The report of those field tests is in the October 2003 Radcom.

Good luck with your /PM dxpeditions.  We should be able to have a /PM to /PM QSO - sea wall to sea wall! Hardly DX, and probably ground wave propagation,  but still, /PM to /PM is surprisingly satisfying.

73 Tom G0SBW

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