M6OPV/P RaDAR Challenge 3rd November 2018


Unfortunately, at the first site as I was dropping the mast, it snapped in half due to the high wind…….therefore from the second site I used the 857 in the vehicle and the ATAS 120a antenna and at the third the MFJ-1899t (as it wasn’t so windy there). Always have a back-up eh!!!

I didn’t hear 1 RaDAR station but got 15 contacts into Europe as there was a Ukrainian competition going on. I also don’t think they were giving me ‘genuine’ reports (1 or 2 did though), especially when some of them were asking me to repeat my call sign 3/4 times due to operating QRP. 
Look forward to the next one! 

SITE 1 - CHAPEL FELL, COUNTY DURHAM,  ENGLAND - IO84VR40 (Yaesu FT-817 with Hyendfed 4 band ultralight antenna)

SITE 2 - Car Park, A68 Cafe, County Durham, England - IO94CP76

SITE 3 - BRUSSELTON, SHILDON, COUNTY DURHAM, ENGLAND - IO94DO87  (Yaesu FT-817 with MFJ-1899t antenna)


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