Re: The new RaDAR


I generally like the new rules - especially the camping category. I go camping several times each summer and setup a station for a few days that is not easily moved.

Thank you also, Eddie, for acknowledging that sometimes it is expedient to make more than 5 contacts. For example, working a POTA pile-up!

I am not so sure about the logging rules though. I camp in Northern Ontario where cell service is often weak or intermittent. I may not have access to reliable internet for several days. I don't take a computer and usually use pen and paper logging and enter my results online when I get home at the end of a trip.

But, as you say, it's not a contest. If I enjoy playing radio then I'm not going to worry about the scoring.

I guess I'll be a hunter for the next few months. Parks and trails either close or become very difficult to get through in winter. Perhaps you could introduce a snow depth adjustment for the required moving distances hi hi.


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