Re: Take the RaDAR Challenge on Saturday July 10th 2021


I also do POTA activations. My experience over several activations has been that I get a pile-up as soon as I am spotted on RBN. The hunters maybe wouldn't be too pleased if I went QRT after 5 QSOs to move my station to another QTH. How do other POTA/RaDAR ops handle this? Is it legitimate, under RaDAR rules, to carry on dealing with the POTA pileup but maybe only count the first 5 QSOs for RaDAR purposes before relocating?


On 2021-07-07 9:19 a.m., Greg Lane wrote:
Very interesting on NVIS and WSPR Eddie. I'll check out the logging. I'll be in Missouri at Stockton State park. That will be different, likely I'll be on 17 and 20 meters. Being Parks On The Air could draw some contacts.

You know maybe we could do something in parallel with the Portable Operations Challenge Sept 4 & 5th. Their scoring would be interesting with RaDAR.  Who knows?



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