Re: Take the RaDAR Challenge on Saturday July 10th 2021

Eddie Leighton

Thanks for the message Greg.

Getting ready here in ZS too. Using the monitoring station idea agai which proved very helpful in April.


Also in line with the RaDAR Sport idea I spoke about in my QSO Today presentation I have built a simple online community based logbook where if all use it correctly then the RaDAR Challenge progress can be seen in real time. I have also been experimenting with WSPR for NVIS predictions. I have a WSPR TX and WSPR RX 29km apart. If the RX hears my TX I KNOW NVIS conditions are present. Band conditions are very up and down lately but I'm going out and many other CW guys with QRP rigs, mostly QCX Mini's.

For interests sake the URL is 

Have fun and 73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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