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Eddie Leighton

Hi Greg,

Many thanks for your comments.

With the recent RaDAR Challenge in April I organized a few "Monitor" stations that would listen out on particular frequencies on CW and on SSB on 40m. This was keeping "RaDAR as a radio sport" in mind.

Having monitor stations that could almost be seen as "Marshalls" proved to be an enormous success so much so that it was rarely necessary for moving stations to battle to find five contacts before moving. I have to say this past challenge for me at least was the most successful one ever.

Here in ZS we had a higher level of participation too and everyone had lots of fun.

I used WSPR spots over a few days to determine a good four hour window. Not all kept to the plan and chose other time frames which of course is also acceptable in RaDAR. My WSPR system includes a QRP Labs U3S sitting at my QTH in town at KG33bu (ZS6BNE) and here in the bush 29 km away as the crow flies I have a WSJT-X system (ZS6BNE/p) using an SDR-IQ SDR listening out for any 200 mW transmissions from the ZS6BNE TX. It's amazing to see the band openings in real time and when I see positive SNR number I know QRP communications on 40m are possible (NVIS). It works extremely well.

I'm not sure if I can attach an an image to this mail but let me try.

Kind regards and 73 to all.

Eddie ZS6BNE

On 2021/04/15 18:46, Greg Lane wrote: 

A great talk. The slide RaDAR as a Sport is very interesting about 30 minutes in.

Thanks, Eddie!

Greg N4KGL

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