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John this is a great resource for the HAM to learn themselves and the radio equipment you have capabilities =)    Do not get discouraged when you do not make contact 100% of the time =(   It is a learning yourself and your ways of using your rig / antennas / batteries / power source =)    The contest is you improving not the number of contacts and HAVING FUN OUTSIDE =)   Make outings FUN =)     Take pictures or videos if you like and let us all know what worked and what did not work and think through why it did not =)

Also the group will be moving over to  ( search RaDAR over there and join ) before G+ shuts down =)   Several have YouTube videos and BLOGS or WORDPRESS sites some post at =)    Look over the G+ site and make note of DOCs , LINKS, APPs, and the like to use a aids in outings as they will probably be moved over as well =)     WE HAVE FUN outside with radios =)

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 9:00 AM John Roy <johnroy71@...> wrote:
I am John. N4JRX. I am a pretty new ham. Looking forward to working bike-portable.

73's Pat  N5VMO

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