Re: RaDAR Challenge - November 7th, 2020

John Roy

I spent a bit on Friday packing my IC-705, camp stool and vertical antenna with radials on my bike. I was counting on using digital modes to make up for my QRP approach. Also I have never operated SSB very much and I don’t know Morse code. Saturday I grabbed my Surface Go and threw it and some snacks into my backpack. I rode to a clearing a couple of miles away and began to set up. And realized that I had not packed my USB cable. I made a few SSB contacts, but I was not really prepared for that. Also the vertical setup isn’t ideal for band hopping and chasing contacts. I like the idea of the omnidirectionality, but I use a 17ft telescoping vertical. Great when lots of activity is 20m and up. Not when my conditions were variable and 40m was in play. I didn’t like swapping my coil in and out. I would rather use a 40m-10m doublet or end fed with a tuner. Or a mag loop. Really looking at an Alexloop or an AL-705 but is haven’t ever used one. But it was fun anyway. Spend a few hours out by myself on a beautiful day. And it definitely motivated me for next time!

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