G0SBW's Challenge Reort - July 2020

Thomas Robinson

A difficult day for the challenge with the IARU contest.  Also I had family visiting under the Covid19, lockdown “bubble”arrangements.  Following test on Friday I decided to operate for a couple of hours in the morning on 40m before the start of the contest at 12:00 UTC.  This would give me time to be back home before my visitors arrived.  I also planned to operate on 17m in the late afternoon to try to give a RaDAR to RaDAR QSO to  operators in N. America.


So, Was atomy first station at about 07:30 UTC. After about an hour I had my five QSOs and made my way on foot to station 2, one kilometre away.  Here I managed four QSOS before deciding to head back home to meet my guests.  Actually thought I had made 5 QSOs - clerical error!.


I got home a few minutes after the guests arrived.


My experience on 40m was mixed.  There was  lots of European  activity.  Many  QRO + nets and long chatty QSOs going on.  My QRP SSB CQ calls  did not attract any takers.  I found the best qso chances with Flora and Fauna stations.


I did venture out for an hour late afternoon to see if I could work any RaDAR stations on 17m.  !7m was very flat - no intercontinental stations whatsoever and only two or three audible European stations.  I had QSOs with two of them.  They gave me surprising ly good signal reports in view of my10W to a 3metre vertical backpack mounted antenna.


Attached to this post are photos of stations 1 and 2 of this mornings Radar Challenge, a Strava track of my route and an extract of my QRZ log - only 9 contacts.  Also attached is my log of this afternoons outing on 17m.  A very short video of me CQing, this afternoon, on the 17m HF pack frequency will be in the next post

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