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"And homeless near a thousand homes I stood, And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food" -- William Wordsworth

Welcome to RVA Community Cats (formerly RIchmond VA Feral Cats). Our group is a network of independent trappers, caretakers, foster homes, and rescuers promoting the humane treatment and non-lethal control of feral and free-roaming cats in Richmond, VA and central Virginia counties. 

Our experienced volunteer caretakers provide a supportive online community and advice at no cost to feeders, trappers, and fellow caretakers with feral cat colony management issues. 

Group membership is open to those practicing trap-neuter-return-manage (TNRM), a compassionate tool in the management of feral cat colonies as well as to those able to support via foster homes.

Join us as we continue building our network of caretakers, trappers, and foster homes for rescued feral and stray cats. 

Have you lost your cat? We recommend the resource site below. If your cat is sighted but not captured, our members may be willing to loan traps in assistance. http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/recovery-tips/lost-cat-behavior/

Do you need no cost feral spay/neuter appointments? The next sign up for appointments at the Richmond SPCA is on Monday, 12.02.19 at 8:00 a.m. Or follow the instructions within this link - https://richmondspca.org/what-we-do/resources/community-cat-resources-tnr/

Quick Links - 
Capturing difficult cats for TNR - http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/how-to-tnr/trapping/hard-to-catch-cats
Feral cat relocation protocol - http://www.alleycat.org/Relocation
Neonatal kitten care - http://www.kittenlady.org/
Taming feral kittens - http://www.feralcat.com/taming.html
Well worth reading - http://catdefender.blogspot.com/
* Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook (no cost download) - http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/how-to-tnr/getting-started/the-7-steps-of-tnr
RVA Community Cats - Saving lives since JUNE 2008

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