NA RTTY Sprint Next Weekend

Ed Muns, W0YK

Please join the semi-annual NA RTTY Sprint next Saturday evening, NA time (00-04 UTC, Sunday, 15 March).  Sprints are a lot of fun and don’t take much of our weekend.  They are even more fun with lots of participation, so be sure to jump in if you can.




Team competition adds to the fun.  Teams of up to 5 single-ops each can be registered prior to the start of the contest:


After the contest, logs are uploaded at:


If you are intimidated by the format of the required frequency changing rule, just find a clear place and call CQ.  You’ll be in high demand by anyone who doesn’t have you in their log on that band!


There are two opportunities to practice this week prior to the weekend event.  This is a great way to check out your station hardware, software AND the operator!


  1. On Thursday night is the regular NCCC Sprint for 30 minutes starting at 0145 UTC Friday (Thursday night NA time).  For details, see:
  2. On Friday night there will be a practice using the regular Sprint rules.  Operate as though the real event is going on.  Use 20, 40 or 80 meters as appropriate for propagation at that time at your location.  Starting time is 0200 UTC Saturday (Friday evening NA time) and goes for 30 minutes, until 0230 UTC.




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