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Nicholas Roy Smith

Me too Don, It's a sad Thanksgiving to hear about my friend Ron, he taught me just about all I know for RTTY contesting. He used to tell me when he would be at Bryan's station, "nick just keep up where I am and get next to me and you will get all the over flow". I did just that and improved my score several times.

Ron rest in peace.

Nick, w4gkm

On 11/28/2019 9:53 AM, Don Hill AA5AU wrote:

Sure hate to hear this sad news. On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful I got to know Big Ron. He taught be a lot about RTTY contesting and introduced me to WriteLog.


One contest we operated together was the 2000 BARTG RTTY Contest. We set a record that still stands today. I remember having a big run into Europe in the morning on 10 meters and thinking I was seeing a few JA calls in the pileup as well. I thought I was hallucinating. I said to Ron "I think I'm seeing JAs". He said "Yeah, turn the top antenna southeast and work the JAs longpath." I had never worked JAs longpath before on any band, let alone ten meters. But there they were. Operating contests with Ron was a real treat. Here's a synopsis of that 2000 BARTG contest with Ron (with pictures).


RIP my friend.




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Subject: [RTTY] Ron Stailey K5DJ - Silent Key


Ron Stailey, K5DJ, has a silent keyboard as reported to me a few minutes ago by his daughter.

Ron was a RTTY Contester who created the WW RTTY WPX contest with me while we wrote  for the RTTY Journal.

He also created the RTTY NAQP contest.

Winner of many contests, friend to many of us.  Ron was associated with Writelog the contesting program for a long time
and got W5XD to add RTTY to his program.

Hopefully someone can cross post to as he had many friends there as well.

I will further info on the services which will be in Texas after the holiday.

Jay WS7I

Nick, W4GKM

Dennis was so nice and thoughtful to check out my units and wire them correctly, however the second one will not xmit. When I installed it selected a comport but I had problems getting it to let me select TinyFsk and the comport that it was assigned to it. The first radio went great, no problems, xmits and it prints just fine. I must be doing something that is causing this but I don't know what to do. I did connect my old Buxcom back up and it worked just fine.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me. Oh, BTW I am using Writelog.

Nick, w4gkm

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