Re: BARTG 75 Baud contest

Ken K6MR

From your lips to whoever sets the standards  :^)   75 baud is a blast. 


My guess on why is that back in the day of green keys and oil, changing speeds was pretty difficult as I understand it.  I wasn’t there.  45.45 must have been the way the machines came from the military and Telex companies.  Perhaps someone who was there could elaborate.  But now it’s a couple of check boxes. 


I’ve toyed with the idea of changing speeds for the Thursday night NS RTTY Sprints, but I’m not quite there.  No matter how well you publicize it there will be some who won’t get the message.  So for now we’ve got this tantalizing four hours to watch the characters fly!


Ken K6MR


From: <> on behalf of Bill KO7SS via Groups.Io <ko7ss@...>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 7:20:12 PM
Subject: [RTTY] BARTG 75 Baud contest
First time to try this. Setting up N1MM, the sent characters sure move fast across the text window.
Hopefully I am getting out, the RBN RTTY skimmers don't seem to decode this. Why is 75 Baud 
not the standard rate?

73, Bill KO7SS

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