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Ken K6MR

I’m not sure what the breakdown of working/retired folks is on the morning/afternoon CWTs, but except for a few that have noted they operate from work (VE9AA in his car, for example) I’d bet most are retired. So that limits an already small group. I know two of our most active stations are work constrained during the day. As I noted in a previous post, VE2FK asked publically about a daytime CWT-style RTTY session and no one responded. If we wanted to have a standard contest style session, that would definitely be the way to go. Something completely separate from NS, sort of like what they did with the Tuesday night Fone Fray.

Ken: I think you’ll find that you’ll do fine entering LP in the real Sprint. WD0T often does. I think Sprint has more to do with technique than many other contests. And it’s short enough that you don’t need to do a marathon length session. But yes, it does take more practice than other contests.

Ken K6MR

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Once I suggested there be another Thursday Sprint at some other time which might attract more participants, maybe even some DX. Widen the stage a little. I'm not sure what the best time would be. We might learn that from watching the CWops Wednesday events.

While the dupe rule's an oddity, I'm OK with it although I usually made so few contacts that often I didn't have an intervening QSO.

That didn't matter since I participated in the Thursday evening Sprints to get my weekly RTTY fix and learn sprinting in order to do the real NA-Sprint contests.

That ended when I found out the latter allowed high power. It was suggested that toward the end of the NA-Sprint contests I would still be sought after when all the big boys had worked each other out. Maybe.

The dregs of the ether.

Ken, AB1J

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