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Ken K6MR

Hmm. Even I don’t remember what I meant, but likely it had to do with power (at least for me). I get frustrated easily, and LP/QRP takes the kind of dedication I don’t have. There were plenty of LP entries, so it can be done. And you’ll note that a bunch of the top ten in LP are Thursday night regulars.

Practice makes perfect, er, better!

Ken K6MR

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Sprinting isn't all that difficult to learn and it is fun. I learned by
participating in the Thursday evening RTTY events where the power limit is

So naively I decided to do the contest last March. Well, I was surprised
to learn high power was allowed. I gave it a try anyway but was a short
guy in a jump ball contest. Not my kind of ball game.

I mentioned this to K6MR whose response was along the line, "I feel your
pain but I think more is better." I think he meant more power. Rather than
more participants.

I don't think he was referring to my pain.

A suggestion for a Thursday morning session fell flat.

Ken, AB1J

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To get familiar with Sprints and the QSY rule you need to join the practice
group that meets every Thursday at 0145z to 0215z

They usually are on 14080 - 7080 - 3580.

Operators like KI8W need to join this group and learn how to work the
sprints before a real contest. I joined the group at age 89 and although I
am not as experienced as others I still am fairly good in a sprint and have
some fun..

Dick KS0m

Richard C. "Dick" White

Fulton, MO 65251 U.S.A

Amateur Radio Station KS0M

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