Camera choice

Mike Geisel <mike@...>

Hi, I am new to RSpec. Is it better to use a small camera like a planetary camera-Zwo 290 or 120, which seems to be what most use, or am I better off using my cooled larger deep sky camera--ZWO 1600 mc-c or mm- c
Mike Geisel

Tim Stone

That depends entirely upon factors of the entire imaging system. Personally, I use a small sensor webcam, because that's what I have. I'd encourage you to use whatever you have, and see if it works for you. If you don't have any camera, then that's a different story! In that instance, I wouldn't invest in one of the largest sensor cooled cams, which can run lots of thousands of dollars and in fact are relatively inflexible for spectroscopic purposes. A simple 1.25" adapted cooled monochrome camera, with a medium size sensor, like an ASI183M, would doubtless work well in most situations and not break the bank.