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Welcome to RSGBTech, an independent group  open to ALL radio amateurs to discuss amateur radio related technical matters, be it a technical query or area of interest. 
If it's technical and amateur radio, it is "On Topic". Refer to the current RSGB year book for further information.  
Please note that postings are moderated and do not necessarily represent RSGB policy, especially as we are an independent group- not managed or controlled by the RSGB. 
Moderation aims to be "light touch"- avoid abuse and stay on topic and you will not be "moderated".
Sadly, due to some recent "problems" we have had to vet joining members. Most are welcome but known trouble makers will not be admitted.  RSGBTech has run very nicely for several years without them, we don't want them to ruin it.
The above summarises how the group operates, but, for convenience, we use the RSGB internet guidelines which the owner helped develop.  For more detail see:
New applicants are requested to include their callsign, if they have one, and must give some details to verify their genuine interest in amateur radio.

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