jo barden


First off apologies for not coming back to the various replies to my question a few weeks ago about hobbies outside Amateur Radio. I am afraid I have been engaged in the old pastime of burying my head in the sand.

I shall not be putting any new antennas up for a while as our house has subsidence and it is in the hands of our insurers. Evidently last years hot summer followed by a wet winter and another hot summer has caused our clay subsoil to shrink. So the old oak tree our neighbour has about 15M from our back door looks like it needs to be removed and then they will do test holes and well we are not sure. My xyl is concerned about Christmas in a mobile home so interesting times at the G6UWK qth.

At the moment the only time I am on the air is to read the GB2RS news when my time comes up on the rota and our chief hobby is looking at the new cracks appearing all over the house.

So Sorry. I was not being anti-social